Magento eCommerce Software

For people seeking to start an online store regardless of the size of their business, Magento eCommerce software offers a great option. Magento offers several features and advantages that make it a suitable option for both small online businesses and larger enterprises. The following features make Magento stand out as a choice for online business hosting:

It Has a Free Option

This eCommerce software offers a free option that makes it easy for entrepreneurs who are just starting out, or those with limited capital. It has no monthly subscriptions, and this is another thing that business-starters may find attractive as it will save them some start-up costs. A bigger business, however, may opt for Magento Enterprise in order to access more options like access to Magento partners and developers.

Community of Fellow Users for Support

There are many online store owners and online businesses owners out there who have an active online community base. This is a great tool for new users of the Magento eCommerce software platform, as they get a lot of support and advice from more experienced users.

Saves on Hosting Costs

Magento gives you the option to host your Magento-based business on your own server, saving money that would otherwise be spent on web-hosting. This also gives you more options on customization and control on your business design.

Third-party Sourcing

This software comes with the option to integrate third-parties as you design your business site. This gives you more choices on business model and options for maximum functions.

Numerous Features

Magento eCommerce software offers such features as:

  • Many themes to choose from when customizing your business site, including third-party themes.
  • Great SEO tools that help boost web traffic and make your business more visible to shoppers.
  • You can manage multiple online businesses with one single Magento account.
  • Magento has an option that allows a mobile device model for your business.

Magento, however, is not the easiest site for beginners still trying to learn. Nevertheless, people seeking to start an online business may find things such as flexibility, access to an online community and ability to access multiple platforms appealing.