Magento2: How to get skin url

To get skin url in magento1 we are using the method

Alternatily in Magento2 to get skin url we need to use

Magento core_config_data replace all old URL with new URL

Here is the small MySql code snippet to replace all the occurrence of OLD site URL with new URL, after the success full migration

Magento will store your store URLs in core_config_data table, after migrating your site to new server or domain, or if you want to change the site URLs, it’s really very headache to change the old URLs to new URLs, especially if you are on a Cloud server.

Because you need to change your URL for multiple paths including




Also you may be need to check other rows.

To get out of this USE the bellow code snippet to replace all the existence of the OLD URL with your NEW URL

Replace and with your website URLs


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Magento REST API – Solution for 400 Bad Request

Hello guys, its been so long I wrote a blog here. I’ve been so busy.  Coming to the post, this bug has been haunting me for the past 1 week. Finally I have cracked it 😛

I was trying to set up REST api with some Magento stores. In Oauth Initiate step I was getting 400 Bad request (Access Denied) on all stores hosted on our optimized servers. Magento was responding with the following error:

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Your web server is configured incorrectly. As a result, configuration files with sensitive information are accessible from the outside. Please contact your hosting provider.

sharath-admin error

This warning comes in the fact that communication is not configured properly mod_rewrite and .htaccess files do not work.

In order to .htaccess files can be used, appropriate adjustment of the main configuration file httpd.conf, which must be prescribed by the directive, which will allow .htaccess file redefine Web-server configuration directory. A list of these directives is given a directive AllowOverride.

AllowOverride directive may include one of the following directives, or a combination thereof: AuthConfig, FileInfo, Indexes, Limit, Options, All, None To enable .htaccess directives maximum right to change the directives, the value of the Directive AllowOverride in httpd.conf must be equal to All. It is the default value. AllowOverride All Deny override any directives in .htaccess configuration files can be using the value None: AllowOverride None Solutions !!  What would work files .htaccess magento \ .htaccess Open the file …. \ httpd \ conf \ httpd.conf

Locate the block:

And replace it with the following:

Restart Apache (Restart Apache)

Visitors can not get access to local.xml

Refund Store Credit Automatically on Order Cancel

Well, the title says it all. This is for Enterprise_CustomerBalance module in Magento Enterprise, popularly known as Store Credit. Recently we had a requirement, if a person uses store credit to pay for an order either partially or fully, and if the order gets cancelled due to whatever reason, the store credit has to be refunded automatically to the customer. Well if yout think this feature is already there in Magento, you are wrong 😛

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Export and Import Product Attributes and Options to CSV

You may have come across situations where you had to export all product attributes and their options to a CSV or a text file. So that you may use this for other purposes such as importing them on another Magento instance etc.

There are extensions available for this purpose, but they are paid. Don’t worry, use the codes below and generate the CSV in seconds!
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