Magento2 intl php extension missing

When you trying to install magento2 the most common error used to get for the first time is php extension intl missing.

How to solve php intl extension missing problem?

From PHP version 5.3 the extension intl is bundled with PHP.

So what you need to so is just enable the extension for that

  1. open your php.ini file
  2. find for ;extension=php_intl.dll
  3. remove the comment ;

That’s all, restart the Magento2 installation and have fun.

Thank you for reading.

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17 thoughts on “Magento2 intl php extension missing

  1. I am instaling this and on the check it fails on this step saying hta tI dont have this extention, however I am using WAMP and PHP 5.5.12 and this extention is enabled, yet Magento refuses to accept that it is.

    • Hey Clint and Peter, Use the given code snippet to test you have a working INTL extension configured or not.
      < ?php $formatter = new NumberFormatter('en_US', NumberFormatter::CURRENCY); echo $formatter->getTextAttribute(NumberFormatter::CURRENCY_CODE);

      • I too have the same problem. I tried the code you provided. It fails. Says ‘Fatal error: Class ‘NumberFormatter’ not found’. extension=php_intl.dll is not commented and also the dll is present in the folder. However, phpinfo() doesn’t show the info on intl extn. Please help

  2. Hi,

    I made the changes in the php.ini file and restarted the WAMp server but still getting the same error.
    Also the php_intl extension is enabled in WAMP server. COuld you please help me resolve this??

  3. hii,

    i am using windows 7 64 bit system , after xampp installation i cant find intl on this other extensions are available when checking with phpinfo(); function. can u suggest any xampp server setup link for work majentho on this system

  4. Arshad Its working fine… thanks.. But after installing Magento , In admin login part when i logeed in then only dashboard menu is clickable, rest of the menu is not working …so plz help me… what can i do to solve this?

  5. Hello All,
    After applying steps provided by Arshad, Apache server needs to be restart. Here is complete steps:
    Step 1: Open XAMPP control panel
    Step 2: In Apache row Click on “Stop button” and then click on “config” button and choose PHP(php.ini) option.
    Step 3: open your php.ini file
    find for ;extension=php_intl.dll
    remove the comment ;
    Step 4: Save php.ini file and close it. Now Start your apache server from XAMPP Control Panel.
    Step 5: Refresh your Magento2 Installation.

    If you get always_populate_raw_post_data errror, then in php.ini search for “always_populate_raw_post_data” and make it to -1.
    That’s it! Happy Coding!

  6. Your procedure is almost correct, I to complete as well as delete the comment (;) must cut and paste all files incu ****. Dll present in the C: \ xampp \ php and paste them into the folder c: \ xampp \ apache \ bin

    This step is in addition to the above suggestions, you need to run

  7. I made changes in the php.ini file and restarted the xampp server but still getting the same error. I am using os x EI captain 10.11.1 system 🙁 could you please help me to resolve this..

    Plz help me…

  8. I had the same problem a few days ago.

    You have to copy all the files (all files starts with icu*):



    And you also need to enable intl in php.ini file (uncomment this line):

    And restart the server. It should works fine.

    Of course, you need to replace the folder names with your own.

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