Export and Import Product Attributes and Options to CSV

You may have come across situations where you had to export all product attributes and their options to a CSV or a text file. So that you may use this for other purposes such as importing them on another Magento instance etc.

There are extensions available for this purpose, but they are paid. Don’t worry, use the codes below and generate the CSV in seconds!
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Magento 301 Redirects by programatically without having to use .htacess

Magento 301 Redirects Did you ever want to create a redirect in a Magento Store without having to use htacess? Using Observers and the powerful Request and Response objects from Zend Framework you can. In this example I will show how you can do it. Create a directory under app/code/community and name it Rshar, then create another directory under Rshar and name it Redirect. Create two directories inside Rshar etc and Model.
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Magento: Getting product attributes values and labels

This is how to get a drop down lists options. I don’t think it will work for a mulit-select attribute. I stick the value/label pairs into an array to use how I please.

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Get Details of Admin Logged-in on Frontend in Magento

Sometimes you want to do weird things in Magento like this one, to find out which admin is logged in the backend of Magento from the frontend. Or even detect if there is an admin logged into the backend. It may sound very easy, but Magento does not appreciate this, obviously due to security issues. You would never want to leak your admin details to the outside world πŸ˜‰

But we are here to make everything possible which Magento doesn’t allow πŸ˜›

Detect and Get Username, Id etc of Admin Who is Logged-in on the Frontend

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Lesson 1: Create a Controller – Magento Extension Tutorial

Hi Guys, This is the first lesson in this series of Magento module tutorials. I hope you have read the introduction post, if not please read it before continuing. Disable your cache and Magento compiler while doing any development. In the introduction post we have created a module named “First” in the namespace “Hashid“. So now you have the following path:


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Magento Extension Tutorial for Beginners

Hello everyone,

This is my first post in this series of tutorials. I will teach you how to create a Magento module or extension using all the components of Magento’s MVC architecture in the series. This post is just an introduction to get you ready for the upcoming lessons.

After you complete this tutorial, you will learn almost the entire structure of Magento and its functional flow. Feel free to shout-out your comments, issues and my mistakes. I will be happy to hear from you!
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MagentoGeek Launched

Welcome to MagentoGeek.com! Finally we are launching this much-awaited blog!

Who are we ? We are a bunch of passionate Magento Developers from India!

Why this blog ? We just want to help all the developers like us out there!

What will we post ? Tutorials, and all the small and big things we discover in Magento in our daily coding life!

Team: Hashid, Girish, Sharath, Arshad and Avinash

So get ready! Here we go..!